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12/6/09 06:49 pm

I'm the new featured artist at Art & Art Dealines.com!!
Check it out! :) :) :) :)

12/4/09 03:11 am - NEW LJ USERNAME

ok, i'm not 100% sure about this, so bear with me..
but i'm going to attempt to change my username to theseaoryou
please add! :)

i might change my mind by the end of the week, so don't delete this account just yet!
i'm sorry if this pisses anyone off!

12/3/09 12:58 am

Another photo of one of our homes while on the road.
This was in the middle of a forest in Oregon.
Close enough to the ocean that you could smell the salt.

12/2/09 09:28 pm

I registered for classes today. And I renewed my license, and I got a new social security card. They didn't say anything to me about something being wrong, which was weird. Because if something was wrong with my ssn, they'd probably be the first to know and the first to say something to me. Which means that whatever company Target used for a background check messed up big time - and kept me from a month of work. My moms pissed and wants to sue. I hope she does.
I still feel like shit. I don't know what I need to make me happy anymore.

12/1/09 05:44 pm

I decided more than a new phone, more than clothes or shoes or glasses, I want a new guitar for Christmas. And I found this absolutely beautiful one today. I told my mom and she's really excited that I want one. She loves hearing me play guitar, and loves that I've been playing at the folk jam.
Look at how beautiful it is!Collapse )

11/30/09 06:22 pm

So, I can't get a job. For some reason, my background check won't clear anywhere I've applied. I've "gotten jobs" three different times in the past month - but every time they run the background check, they're like "oh, sorry, jk. you can't work here and we can't tell you why. it has something to do with your background check not clearing."
And obviously there's no reason for that. I ran a credit report on myself, and it's perfect. So the only other thing it could be is a criminal history, or someone messed up something with my social security number. I lost my wallet two years ago, and inside was my social security card. I really, really hope someone didn't do shit under my name.
It sucks so much cause I'm broke and rent it due in two days. Dans working a lot, and can afford to pay a little more than half of rent, but it obviously isn't enough. My moms helping us out, but I hate going to my parents for that shit. Especially with Christmas coming around. It just sucks. For as lucky as I am, I'm twice as unlucky.
And it's not even money. I feel like a friggen bum sitting around without a job. It's making me really really depressed. Thankfully school starts in a month, so I'll have something to do with myself. I should just make art and take photos and take advantage of this "free time." But I'm too miserable.
I have been playing a lot of guitar lately. I've been re-learning a lot. I've set a "learn one song a week" goal for myself. I've been going to this folk jam twice a month down the road from us. It's a bunch of older people who play guitars, banjos, mandolins, violins, etc. It's amazing. Last week I played a song for them and they all went nuts. This one old guy who sings/plays guitar and is my favorite there said that I'm gunna be famous. I don't really care about being famous or not, but it was nice knowing that he liked what I was doing. I've even been writing my own stuff. Everything I write is about my obsession for the sea.
Someone tell me my life isn't as bad as I think it is, please. I think half of it is I'm just pissed I came back from six months of traveling and freedom only to be stuck in this life style again. I was so close to being completely free.

11/29/09 06:30 pm

Me: What do you want to do tonight?
Dan: I just want to exist next to you

11/25/09 03:43 pm

I never posted photos of our 26 mile hike alone the Lost Coast, in northern California.
These two are my favorites.
And here's two moreCollapse )

11/24/09 08:25 pm

Dan's hand

Our legs

11/24/09 03:59 pm

Us, entwined.
click for largerCollapse )
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